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Duration: 3 hours
Location: South Pacific Coast, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Price: $75 per person. Minimum 2 people.
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Outdoor adventure between tropical rainforest and lush beaches, south Pacific coast, Costa Rica

If you enjoy horseback riding then Osa Experience can take you to the best place to do it – Hacienda Rio Oro!

We offer a tour that will not only allow you to enjoy our beautiful horses, but also observe the beautiful sights and wildlife in the area.

Begin your tour on a trail, which will take you to the hills of the hacienda where you will see a spectacular view of the virgin beaches facing the Hacienda. You can also observe the Corcovado National Park and enjoy the view of the plant and animal life of the tropical rainforest.

The next trail will take you to the edge of the Pejeperro Lagoon where you can observe the surrounding mangroves and it’s ecosystem at work.

On horseback you will be able to see the special adaptations of the mangrove species with specialized roots and the glands on their leaves that allow them to conserve water and survive in the lagoon´s brackish water where salty seawater and freshwater meet, as well as weather the heavy rainfall during the rainy season.

Price: $75 p/p minimum 2 people

Duration: 3 hours

Includes: local baqueano (horse riding instructor)

What to bring: sunblock, hat, long pants, hiking shoes, camera & water.