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Location: Central America, Costa Rica
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Costa Rica

More than a million people are left enchanted by the magical beauty of Costa Rica. Year after year those that choose Costa Rica as a tourist destination get the promised reward: this is a unique destination in the world that offers, in a very small geographical area, the most abundant biological richness that any country can give in an equal area.

The grandeur of nature and the friendliness of the people who transmit the love for peace and joy to interact and learn from visitors visiting the country becomes a magical experience. No wonder – Costa Rica is an extraordinary refuge in the territory of only 51 thousand square kilometers, which represents about 0.03% of the planet’s surface, yet has about 5% of global biodiversity. Within a very short time, the tourists who visit Costa Rica can enjoy all this biodiversity as from the capital, San José, to the most remote corners of the country, there is a vast network of roads and paths covering more than 36,447 kms. The natural riches of Costa Rica are so spectacular, that they have won worldwide recognition. Therefore great efforts have been made to guide tourism towards sustainable development, which seeks to cause economic and social benefits based on the protection and conservation of ecosystems and natural resources.


Capital: San Jose

Official Language: Spanish, Creole English and indigenous dialects.

Currency: The Colon

Climate: Tropical with two seasons: dry summer (December-April) and rainy winter (May-December)

Population: 4,500,000 (approx.)

Land area: 51,100 km2

Highest mountain: Cerro Chirripó (3,820 m)

Boundaries & borders:

North: Nicaragua

Southeast: Panama

West: Pacific Ocean

East: Caribbean Sea