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Osa, World Treasure


The area of the greatest global biodiversity, located on the southwest coast of the Pacific Ocean of Costa Rica, only 6 to 7 hours by land or 45 minutes on a local flight from the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose. The Osa Peninsula is the treasure of Central American containing the highest percentage of natural forest area.

The Peninsula belongs to the coastal province of Puntarenas in the Costa Rican Pacific. It is a tropical paradise, full of life and predominantly rain forest where the trees are giant and exhale wisdom. Its land kisses the sea and contains a mixture of freshwater rivers with a rich variety of species.

Declared the most biodiverse place worldwide by National Geographic, Osa is internationally recognized as the ideal place with perfect conditions for the preservation of natural diversity in an extremely small area.

Before visiting the peninsula, it is necessary to prepare yourself mentally to explore, adventure and open your senses to a unique experience, a place with its own characteristics and one that will certainly stun you.

Weather conditions are typical of a humid tropical climate: heavy rains and occasionally accompanied by thunderstorms, but nothing to worry about. In fact it is the rain that allows you to internalize and meditate on where you are.

In this region there are about a third of the tree species of Costa Rica, an estimated 4000-5000 species of plants making it the perfect habitat for extensive wildlife, with approximately 8000 species of insects, 117 species of amphibians, 71 recorded species of reptiles, 40 species of freshwater fish, 140 mammals (50 types of bats, placing Costa Rica in the second highest diversity) and among all this is the majestic Jaguar (Panthera Onca) – this is the largest mammal in the Americas and has been a figure of mysticism for thousands of years for indigenous people from the Mexico to Argentina region.

Yes, Osa also has indigenous residents, Borucas, whose ancestors ruled much of the peninsula, created roads and settlements. It has a mystical stone alignment amongst constellations and stars, these areas are unique in the world.

The region is also the Guaymi Indian Reservation (also known as Ngobe) that protects the traditions and culture of one of the largest indigenous groups in Costa Rica. They retain their characteristics and physical traits, maintain their customs, costumes and traditions. Their language is Guaymie. It is clear the Peninsula offers an abundance and variety of activities to get involved in, among which include surfing, tree climbing, mountain biking and fishing for the more adventurous and different yoga retreats, touring cocoa farms , night hikes, kayaking in the mangroves or hiking and bird and cetacean watching tours.

In Osa you can experience endless activities for the entire family. Visitors can stay in the wonderful eco-hotels in the area, where you can enjoy quality accommodation combined with sustainable tourism that characterizes the welfare of the environment and economic development. This is key to a balance between ecological environment, good use of resources and a promising future for the next generations.

It is impossible not to mention the Corcovado National Park. The park has 42,570 hectares of land and 5,375 hectares of sea. A pristine forest awaits visitors which will envelop them in the scents and colors of the jungle. This park has deserted beaches, completely natural waterfalls and endless trails that captivate thousands of visitors from around the world.

There is lots of gold to be found in the area. This is the result of a complex process of mineralization. The gold is in the hills and as secondary deposits in riverbeds and river banks and streams, demonstrating the great natural wealth of the region. This nature reserve is considered the most important of Costa Rica.

It is important to remember that you are visiting a conservation area that due to its biodiversity has great importance in the world. This is a unique experience in life and to be able to explore this corner of the planet is amazing for personal growth.

Dare to know the mystique surrounding the Osa Peninsula and embrace an ancestral experience full of authenticity and natural life!


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