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Off the Grid Destinations

Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
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Eco Travel Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Wildlife Connection & Transformational Experience with off the grid destinations

The utmost experience in Costa Rica. Enjoy a taste of paradise in the ‘most biologically intense place on earth’ categorized by National Geographic. This first class unexplored Costa Rican destination is a prime location for experiencing wildlife adventures and wellness travel. Eco Travel Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.

We are a travel agency located in Central America, in the most intense jungle of Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica ,with the knowledge and  experience to share with you one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Our goal is to create transforming experiences through life in contact with the last Tropical Rainforest of the Pacific Coast in Central America.

Offering a variety of beach, tropical rainforest, nature activities and wellness travel  (kayaking, snorkeling, rain forest hiking at Corcovado National park, wildlife viewing, horseback riding, and yoga practice, massage and Holistic therapy) which includes the best service in the area; we also have different packages and retreats with the best eco-lodges of the Osa Peninsula.

Osa Experience Eco Travel Osa Peninsula

At Osa Experience, we think travel is the best medicine and university for life, we strive at every turn to redefine your notion of what is possible on a vacation.

Since the beginning, the Osa Experience goal is to create travel experiences that deliver our guests in the utmost unique contact with nature, providing high quality service in the most exotic location in Costa Rica, Osa Peninsula.

Every person in this world needs a connection with themselves through nature and a balance for a healthy mind. Osa Peninsula offers a tropical forest with exquisite beaches and a variety of flora and fauna in every corner of its location, a paradise rich in wildlife.

Your experience starts from the moment you land in our country, these local flights will give you the feeling that you are looking for to experience a unique and unforgettable destination.

Nature Tours

Corcovado National Park

6-8 hours
Corcovado National Park Nature Hike Osa Peninsula Experience the last Tropical Rainforest of the Pacific Coast in Central America, Costa Rica  If...
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$85 p/p. Minimum 2 people.

Golfo Dulce Boat Tour

4 - 5 hours
Golfo Dulce Unique Tropical Fjord, Osa Península, Costa Rica Dolphin Watch and Eco-Tour. 90% success rate of spotting dolphins. Come with us and...
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Bird Watching

2-3 hours
The Best location for bird lovers, South Pacific Coast, Costa Rica The wilderness birding in Costa Rica: Osa Peninsula! The bird watching tour is...
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$40 p/p. Minimum 2 people

Adventure Tours

Surf Lessons

2 horas
Experience the warm water of the Pacific Coast in Osa Peninsula! The water is a wonderful 85 degrees year around. Lessons are taught at Pan Dulce...
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$65 p/p. Mínimum 2 people.

Horseback Riding

3 hours
Outdoor adventure between tropical rainforest and lush beaches, south Pacific coast, Costa Rica If you enjoy horseback riding then Osa Experience...
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$75 per person. Minimum 2 people.

Kayaking in the Lagoon

2 hours
Pejeperro and Pejeperrito Lagoons, South Pacific Coast, Costa Rica Pejeperro and Pejeperrito Lagoons are one of the unique saltwater lagoons in...
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$55 per person. Minimum 2 people

Culture Tours

Cacao & Organic Farm

2 hours
Theobroma cacao: food of Gods, Osa Península, Costa Rica Cacao production is the main economic crop of Finca Köbö. We invite you to experience...
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$45 per person. Minimum 2 people

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Osa, World Treasure

 By MANFRED CÉSPEDES The area of the greatest global biodiversity, located on the southwest coast of the Pacific Ocean of Costa Rica, only 6 to 7 hours by land or 45 minutes on a local flight from the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose. The Osa Peninsula is the treasure of Central...
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We create travel experiences in a unique contact with nature in the most exotic location in Costa Rica, Osa Peninsula.