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Location: South Pacific Coast, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
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Osa Experience welcomes you warmly to paradise

At Osa Experience, we think travel is the best medicine and university for life, we strive at every turn to redefine your notion of what is possible on a vacation.

We are a tour operator located in Central America, at the intense jungle of Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.

Since the beginning, the Osa Experience goal is to create travel experiences that deliver our guests in the utmost unique contact with nature, providing high quality service in the most exotic location in Costa Rica, Osa Peninsula.

Every person in this world needs a connection with themselves through nature and a balance for a healthy mind. Osa Peninsula offers a tropical forest with exquisite beaches and a variety of flora and fauna in every corner of its location, a paradise rich in wild life.

We design our tours as a bridge for you to connect with this incredible place. Each journey takes you into a profoundly meaningful chapter in your own life story, providing you with dazzling experiences and moments of quiet awe that will stay with you forever. When each of the senses—along with the mind and the imagination—are engaged, an experience becomes a literal sensation and utterly unforgettable.

Every single experience we offer is designed by an OSA Experience expert.

Intelligent, knowledgeable and supremely organized, every detail of your itinerary is an indispensable part of your journey.

Your resident naturalist tour guide gives you an authentic understanding of every place you visit; introduces you to local people, shares his or her enthusiasm and passion for local culture and the beautiful nature that surrounds the Peninsula.

The result is a journey that transforms your understanding of a place, connecting you to the people and places you encounter in a way you’ll never forget.

Below, meet the Osa Experience Team, the finest guides and experts eager to reveal your destination at its most authentic and inspiring.

Laura Naranjo

A multifaceted entrepreneur and very enthusiastic person.

She is the founder of Osa Experience as well as being one of the few Licensed Naturalist Guides of the area. She is Costa Rican and grew up in the Heredia province.

Laura graduated from Laureate International Universities with a Licensed degree in Business Marketing Administration.

Her passion for nature led her to become a Naturalist Guide and to move to the Osa Peninsula in 2008.

Laura was first introduced to yoga in her early twenties and her enthusiasm for this life transforming practice has only grown fonder since. Following the guide of her heart’s compass and her inquisitive mind drew her to deepen the spiritual path.

Her vision to serve to others through healing practices led her to study energy and bodywork. She became certified in Pranic Healing (GMCKS) in 2013, and then in Thai Yoga Massage by The sunshine Network in 2017.

Today, she weaves her knowledge of Prana, Chakra system, aromatherapy and the principles of yoga into her sessions with clients for the ultimate healing experience.

“I deeply believe the best school is the world, and the cultures enriches our souls.”